A Dumbbell That’s Smart

Why one rack of dumbbells that can replace up to 22 pairs of dumbbells, or over 4000lbs of free weights in less than two square feet is the more intelligent way to lift.

Having a weight training system that is small on space and big on results means everyone has the space for a home workout studio. Or how about that new personal training area you’re contemplating? Whether you’re planning a new facility or a home gym, the space savings allow you to use additional cardio equipment.

With five models available, there is a PowerBlock commercial dumbbell size for every strength training application, from group training classes to NFL linesmen.


PowerBlock commercial dumbbell sizes available are: 4-32, 10-50, 5-90, 12.5-125 and 12.5-175lbs per hand. Models 50lb and up come with a stand. Stands take up less than two square feet of space. The 50 and 90lb sets also have an optional kettle-bell handle – smart again, just switch the handle.

PowerBlock dumbbells are engineered for maximum balance and control. Dumbbells continue to be a staple in strength training and are one of the most versatile strength training tools developed.

Dumbbells allow the user to work their entire body without the restrictions of set movement planes that machines or even bars have. Dumbbells can be used to mimic real world movements, making them ideal for functional training.


PowerBlock commercial models are used by countless NFL, MLB, NBA and every NHL team, as well as all branches of military. This is because of the versatility and space-saving that PowerBlock allows over traditional racks of dumbbells.

When you watch NASCAR on Sundays and look closely at the pit stops, you will see world-class athletes going through the paces in seconds in a technical ballet of mechanical functions. The top teams such as Hendrick Motorsports, Penske and Stewart-Hass have PowerBlocks in their gyms, and actively recruit college athletes in to long-term careers on pit teams.

Commercial PowerBlocks are beefed up versions of the home models that have special features such as custom commercial stands and dual handle sets. They come in the following sizes: 4-32, 10-50, 5-90, 12.5-125 and 12.5-175lb per hand.

The 175lb models were made at the request of NFL strength coaches and originally used by the Carolina Panthers.


“I fell in love with the Power of PowerBlocks 20 years ago. PowerBlocks have been at the core of our approach from user experience, training, systems, operations and facility design. Their intuitive, versatile and rugged design are only exceeded by the exceptional customer service. This has given me the confidence to recommend PowerBlock to my respected peers in all sectors globally. Thank you PowerBlock!” – Mark Verstegen, President and Founder, EXOS (Formerly Athletes’ Performance & Core Performance)

“The new facility is working out great,” explains Rick Meyer A.T.C, C.S.C.S Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Assistant FB Coach, HPE Instructor. “We are able to more effectively cater to the needs of the entire Bethel community through the use of the flexible and dynamic weight equipment that we installed into our new facility. I have been overwhelmed by the great feedback from all individuals.”